February – succulent month

Garden Design

Blue Flowers

51 Blue Flowers: Transform your Garden with these Rare Beauties

Raquel Patro

Raise your hand if you’ve never been enchanted by blue flowers! The charm of blue …

How Artificial Intelligence Can Assist Your Gardening Company's Social Media[

How Artificial Intelligence Can Assist Your Gardening Company’s Social Media

Raquel Patro

Today, online presence is essential for the success of any company. In the gardening and …

Tropical vertical garden by landscaper João Paulo Roberto

Plants for Vertical Gardens: How to Make the Right Choice?

Raquel Patro

Did you know that the plants you choose for your project reflect your style as …

Succulent Gifts

Turn Succulents into Profit: The Business of Succulent Gifts and Souvenirs

Raquel Patro

Have you ever found yourself admiring that small, yet majestic, succulent in someone’s garden and …

The design possibilities for winter gardens are endless. Image generated by Artificial Intelligence. Source: Canva.

Winter Garden: Concept and History

Raquel Patro

Understand the fascinating world of Winter Gardens: their history, concept, and impact on decor. Transform your home with nature!

pests and Diseases

Mite of Plants


Explore the world of plant-feeding mites: Learn to identify, control, and protect your garden from phytophagous mites. A comprehensive guide.

Fungus Gnats

When thinking about fungus gnats, the first idea that comes to mind is that we …