Perfect Lawn

The Perfect Lawn section is the ultimate guide to effective and aesthetically pleasing lawn maintenance in your garden. Explore advanced techniques for mowing, planting, specific fertilization for grass, pest control, and proper drainage. Delve into analyses of grass types, common disease identification, and post-damage recovery strategies. From aeration procedures to precise fertilizer application, our articles provide expert knowledge to help you create and maintain a lush, healthy lawn.

Weeds in the lawn

Controlling Weeds in Lawns: Effective Strategies

Raquel Patro

If you have a garden or work with gardening, you’ve probably been troubled by weeds, right? Controlling weeds in ornamental ...

Discovering the pathway

The Importance of Pathways in the Garden: Designing a Journey of Discovery

Raquel Patro

Discover the art of crafting enchanting garden pathways. Explore design tips, materials, and sensory delights in our comprehensive guide.

Cortador, fertilizantes, ancinho e irrigação

Spring Lawn Care Checklist for 2024

Raquel Patro

Follow our expert spring 2024 lawn care checklist for a lush, vibrant yard. Learn essential tips for soil care, mowing, pest control, and more. Achieve a stunning lawn!

Brincando no gramado

Preventing Patchy Lawns (+4 Common Causes of Grass Growth Issues)

Raquel Patro

Discover how to prevent patchy lawns by addressing shading, soil, acidity, and moisture problems. Essential tips for a vibrant lawn.

How to Aerate Lawns and Flower Beds Soil

Raquel Patro

Learn how to effectively aerate lawns and flower beds soil, boosting plant health and growth. Discover various aeration methods and essential tips.

Lawn Planting: Turf Rolls, Seeds, or Plugs

Raquel Patro

Learn about lawn planting methods: turf rolls, seeds, or plugs. Understand advantages, tips, and maintenance for a vibrant and resilient lawn.

Shade Lawn

Achieving Lush Green Lawns in Shaded Areas: Tips and Alternatives

Raquel Patro

Discover smart strategies for lush shaded lawns. Learn about mulching benefits, ground covers, and tips for designing vibrant garden beds. Transform your shaded areas beautifully.