Succulents and Cacti

Succulent Gifts

Turn Succulents into Profit: The Business of Succulent Gifts and Souvenirs

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Have you ever found yourself admiring that small, yet majestic, succulent in someone’s garden and thought: Could I do this, ...

Potting Succculents

Succulents: The Complete Guide for Beginners

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Have you just received your first succulent? Or did you fall in love at first sight with these plants at ...

Succulent mistakes

The Secret to thriving Succulents? Stop doing this Today!

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If you’ve ever found yourself chatting with your succulents as if they were old friends, offering them an extra “drink” ...

Watering Succulent

7 Secrets of Watering Succulents

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Have you ever wondered why your succulents, those adorable chubby little plants, sometimes seem so sad and wilted, even with ...

Vertical Garden

60 Perfect Hanging Succulents for Vertical Gardens

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Fascinated with vertical gardens and hanging succulents? Know that you can merge your two passions into beautiful arrangements by simply ...

How to grow dragon fruit

How to Grow Dragon Fruit [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

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Complete guide on how to grow dragon fruit: from choosing the soil to post-planting care. Transform your garden with this tropical fruit.

Suculenta com pruína

The Importance of the Powdery Farina for Succulents: Protection, Aesthetics, and Resistance

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Discover why powdery farina is essential for succulents. Learn how this waxy coating provides protection, resilience, and unique beauty.

Os grânulos brancos ou acinzentados em substratos para suculentas geralmente são perlita e vermiculita, respectivamente.

Discover the Secrets of the Perfect Homemade Potting Mix for Your Succulents!

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Discover the ideal substrate for your succulents and how to cultivate them healthily in pots or beds. Practical and useful tips for successful succulent cultivation.

Como decapitar suculentas

How and Why You Should Be Beheading Your Succulents

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Learn the art of succulent beheading for healthier plants! Discover reasons, benefits, and step-by-step guidance. Transform your succulents with expert tips.