Garden Project

Here, you’ll discover inspiration and guidance to turn your garden into a true private paradise. Explore practical ideas for planning and creating attractive, functional outdoor spaces. Get tips on layout, planning, plant and material selection, and learn how to craft a garden that mirrors your style and fulfills your needs. Transform your garden into a warm, inviting space.

Blue Flowers

51 Blue Flowers: Transform your Garden with these Rare Beauties

Raquel Patro

Raise your hand if you’ve never been enchanted by blue flowers! The charm of blue flowers in the world of ...

kind of palm

Best Palm Types for every situation: +80 Species

Raquel Patro

Have you ever considered the incredible diversity of palm trees and the visual impact they can add to any landscaping ...

A woman thinking about spacing plants

Plant Spacing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Perfect Garden Layouts

Raquel Patro

If there is one science that always complicates things for landscapers and gardeners, it is definitely spacing. Have you ever ...

Humming Bird in Heliconia rostrata

24 Plants to Attract Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Raquel Patro

Who doesn’t enjoy the visit of these small wonders of nature, whether the lively and graceful hummingbirds or the beautiful ...

Vertical Garden

60 Perfect Hanging Succulents for Vertical Gardens

Raquel Patro

Fascinated with vertical gardens and hanging succulents? Know that you can merge your two passions into beautiful arrangements by simply ...

Arbor with climbing plants

All about Pergolas and Arbors

Raquel Patro

Discover the differences, advantages and uses of pergolas and arbors. Complete guide to transforming your outdoor space. Don't miss it!

Living room vertical wall

Vertical Gardening: How to have a Magazine Garden at Home

Raquel Patro

Discover how vertical gardening can transform your space. Tips, plants and techniques for a lush vertical garden. Start now!


Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Butterfly Haven

Raquel Patro

Create a captivating butterfly haven with this guide. Learn step by step, from structure planning to species selection.

Butterfly on flower

Creating an Enchanting Garden for Butterflies

Raquel Patro

Transform your outdoor space into a butterfly paradise with our comprehensive guide. Learn to create a vibrant garden that attracts and supports these enchanting creatures.

Discovering the pathway

The Importance of Pathways in the Garden: Designing a Journey of Discovery

Raquel Patro

Discover the art of crafting enchanting garden pathways. Explore design tips, materials, and sensory delights in our comprehensive guide.

How to Create Garden Paths: A Step-by-Step Guide

Raquel Patro

Garden paths are not just functional elements; they also add charm and character to your outdoor space. Whether you have ...

12 Tropical Climbing Plants for Pergolas and Arbors

Raquel Patro

Enhance your garden with these 12 vibrant tropical climbers for pergolas and arbors. Explore unique flowers and lush foliage.

The Biodiverse Gardens

Raquel Patro

Discover the wonders of biodiverse gardens. Embrace native plants, seasonal varieties, and create an oasis for pollinators. A guide to sustainable gardening.

Green Roof: Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Having Your Own

Raquel Patro

Learn how to create a stunning and eco-friendly green roof step by step. Enhance your building's appeal while contributing to the environment.

Garden Sketch

Crafting Your Garden Design: The Art of Concept Sketches

Raquel Patro

Embark on a journey of artistic garden design through concept sketches. Explore harmony with topography, solar optimization, and family collaboration for a timeless garden sanctuary.

Cottage Garden

Enhancing Your Outdoor Space: A Comprehensive Guide to Landscape Transformation

Raquel Patro

Discover the art of transforming outdoor spaces through expert landscape design. Elevate your garden's narrative with cultural and sustainable context.

A fountain

Beat the Heat with Natural Coolness: Transform Your Space with Plants

Raquel Patro

Transform your space into a cool oasis with strategic plant placements. Learn how to beat the heat while enhancing privacy and comfort.

Rudbeckias are very atractive to butterflies

17 Host Plants: Nourishing the Butterfly Life Cycle

Raquel Patro

Explore the world of butterfly host plants and their captivating interactions, supporting biodiversity while enhancing your garden's beauty.

The beauty of Sidney, Australia

Creating Coastal Gardens: Tips for Beachside Landscaping

Raquel Patro

Transform your beachside haven with our guide to coastal gardens. Discover tips for harmonious landscaping by the sea. Design your paradise today!

Top 39 Invasive Tree Roots

Raquel Patro

You might have heard that some trees have aggressive (invasive) roots, capable of destroying buried pipes, sidewalks, pavements, walls, etc. ...