How to propagate

Explore step-by-step techniques to grow healthy seedlings from your favorite plants. From pruning and rooting tips to post-planting care, our comprehensive articles provide precise guidance for gardeners of all levels. Delve into germination methods, substrate selection, and transplant techniques, turning your passion for plants into practical skills. Learn how to preserve your plants’ beauty, save money, and contribute to a greener environment, all from the joy of propagating your own plants.

How to grow dragon fruit

How to Grow Dragon Fruit [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Raquel Patro

Complete guide on how to grow dragon fruit: from choosing the soil to post-planting care. Transform your garden with this tropical fruit.

Nurturing Your Alamanda: Essential Post-Transplant Care and Recovery

Raquel Patro

Nurture Allamanda (Allamanda cathartica) to perfection! Our guide covers planting, care, post-transplant, and maintenance for vibrant blooms.

Air layering in tree

How to Air Layer a Plant

Raquel Patro

Learn how to air layer plants for successful propagation and rejuvenation. Step-by-step guide with suitable plant varieties.