Indoor Plants

Tropical vertical garden by landscaper João Paulo Roberto

Plants for Vertical Gardens: How to Make the Right Choice?

Raquel Patro

Did you know that the plants you choose for your project reflect your style as a landscape designer? That is, ...

The design possibilities for winter gardens are endless. Image generated by Artificial Intelligence. Source: Canva.

Winter Garden: Concept and History

Raquel Patro

Understand the fascinating world of Winter Gardens: their history, concept, and impact on decor. Transform your home with nature!

5 Spring Tips for Your Urban Jungle

Raquel Patro

Transform your urban space into a thriving jungle with 5 essential spring tips for vibrant houseplants. Repot, flush, fertilize, groom, and conquer pests for a lush oasis.

How to Repot Anthuriums for Healthy Plant Growth

Raquel Patro

Learn how to repot Anthuriums for vibrant growth. Discover when to repot, signs to watch for, and step-by-step instructions. Cultivate healthy plants now!

8 Causes of Leaves with Dry and Burnt Tips

Raquel Patro

Discover the 8 common causes of burnt and dry leaf tips in plants. Learn how to identify, treat, and prevent these issues for a healthier garden.

Comprehensive African Violet Care Guide: Cultivation, Troubleshooting, and Expert Tips

Raquel Patro

Discover the art of nurturing thriving African violets with our comprehensive guide. Expert insights for indoor gardening success.

[SOS] Breath of Life for Wilting Plants: A Guide to Restoration

Raquel Patro

Learn effective strategies to revive a withered plant, from proper watering techniques to preventive measures. Your guide to successful plant care.

Flowerless Goldfish Plant: Understanding the Unique Blooms

Raquel Patro

Discover the unique blooms of Goldfish Plant and their intriguing resemblance to the platy fish. Learn about their fascinating pollination process.